Monday, November 24, 2014

Before photos, part 1

Big changes are coming to this house! Let me take you on a tour. Here's a peek at some of the spaces that are about to undergo dramatic makeovers.

Come on in! These double front doors will be changed out.

Yup, that's the same front entryway you see through the windows. These ceilings are very tall, with no lighting. But you can bet I'll come up with a design solution!

That's the kitchen through the doorway next to the staircase. We're going to open up that wall for a better flow.
We're going to open up that jog wall back there in the corner, too, toward the family room.

Not even the pool stays -- it's getting a facelift too!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A blessing and a new beginning

We're moving again! I feel like I've said that a million times — except that while in the past we moved out of homes I was redesigning for sale, this time we've moved out of our current home for a few months so I can give it a good makeover just for us. In other words, I'm finally redesigning the home of our dreams!

This one is 6,300 square feet and 11 years old. It's well-maintained and has a transitional style, but there are lots of outdated finishes and features. I can't wait to put my own touches on it — and I'll be keeping you posted with lots of photos, so keep checking back!

We started with a blessing.

Ah, blessings! Kahu Kordell Kekoa taught me that new homes should have three. This first one is for the land.
Kahu blesses the front entry. This whole area will look dramatically different.
Kahu put water on our hands and told us to place our hands where there will be lots of change. Darrell chose the new doorway of our family room.

Thank you and good-bye, old house. Let the work begin!